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Business school research centres are hotbeds of game-changing new thinking which, until now, has largely remained buried in academia. Our purpose at Ideas for Leaders is to identify the best and most usable of this work, and distil it into ready-to-action Ideas which can actually be implemented in the real world.

- Roddy Millar, CEO of Ideas for Leaders


Our role

  • Our editors in the UK, Europe, US and Asia work closely with the top 50 business schools in the world, sourcing and distilling the latest research into concise, actionable Ideas.
  • We work closely with organizations to curate Ideas that meet their learning needs.
  • These Ideas kick-start conversations about how people can change, develop and make organizations better places to work – and work better.



Research undertaken at business schools has the potential to make a significant impact in the commercial world – it’s just getting out there. This is why Ideas for Leaders is so important: it bridges that gap between academia and the corporate world.

- Dr Vicki Culpin, Dean of Faculty and Director of Research at Ashridge Business School


Ideas for Leaders presents often complex academic research in accessible and engaging bite-sized chunks – ideal for stimulating workplace discussions and thinking, so teams can work better and motivate others in a sustainable way.

- Dr Tara Swart, Neuroscientist and Guest Lecturer at Oxford Saïd, Stanford and MIT Sloan School of Business


A key challenge of developing people is creating the opportunity for individuals to be curious. Ideas for Leaders does just that. Online access to Ideas ensures that learning is put into practice early and to the benefit of the individual and the organization.

- Tony Brown, Head of Human Resources, Baillie Gifford


Ideas for Leaders acts as a catalyst for conversations.

- Peter Marsh, Head of Organizational Development at NAPP Pharmaceutical

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