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Ideas for Leaders summarizes the thinking of the foremost researchers and experts on leadership and management practice from the world’s top business schools and management research institutions. With these concise and easily readable ‘Ideas’ you can quickly and easily inform yourself and your colleagues about the latest insights into management best practice. The research-based Ideas are supported by a […]

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Martin Reeves on The Imagination Machine

Martin Reeves is a Senior Partner and Managing Director at the leading strategy consultancy, BCG, and a globally recognised thought-leader. He is Chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, the consultancy’s internal think-tank. His current research themes include organisational stamina, business ecosystems and a template for the new learning organisation.  Please also see our review of the Imagination Machine […]

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When More Is Not Better

Economic growth in the last two centuries has been based upon the concept that business and the economy are a ‘perfectible machine’, which  with ever-more finely calibrated tweaks will increase prosperity for the majority (the middle-classes) as well as the poor and the rich. In the four decades since the US bicentennial in 1976 (his […]

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Anne Bahr Thompson on Doing Good and Brand Citizenship

Leading brand consultant, Anne Bahr Thompson, has been conducting research over recent years through her CultureQ initiative into, initially how Millennials and then other generations, think about brands. One of the strongest new elements is the power of corporate citizenship and how ‘doing good’ also helps businesses ‘do well’. Her ‘Brand Citizenship’ model takes customer […]

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