Why should I sign up for this service? Couldn’t I just read the business magazines?

The answer is simply time. We recognise that business leaders are chronically short of time, and the time to keep up to date with management thinking is often squeezed out of the working week. So instead of trying to read all the business periodicals, we provide an easily assimilated set of summaries of current thinking and research, with links to the authors and to their articles and books. 

I looked for a topic but I didn’t see it covered. Can I suggest a new Idea?

Of course! We (and the institutions we partner with) welcome suggestions for new Ideas. We will forward your thoughts to the relevant institutions.  Simply click on “challenge us” at the top of each page.

Can I share ideas with others?

Feel free to share Ideas with friends and colleagues, either by emailing them a link to the relevant Idea or by downloading the PDF.  However, we do not permit the publishing of any of our material on websites or intranets without permission.

Can I read the content offline?

Each Idea can be downloaded in PDF format and hence read offline. 

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