Vicki Culpin on Sleep

Ideas for Leaders #P020

Vicki Culpin on Sleep

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Key Concept

The impact of poor sleep on people can be significant both in terms of their ability to work effectively and also on their health. However, as much as people are aware of this fact little is done to change the cultural approach towards sleep and rest in most organizations - we still see 'presenteeism' being seen as prevalent in most offices, and the appreciation that people who have missed a couple of hours sleep are cognitively much less capable does not appear to trouble managers, who prefer to see 'work being done' regardless of its level of competence than instilling a regime which allows more flexible hours and healthier participants. Vicki Culpin is a senior researcher at Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School, and has been studying the impact of sleep on workers and organizations for over a decade. Here she discusses this topic with Roddy Millar.

Post date

March 2018
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