Bob Chapman - Proving the Benefits of People-Centred Leadership

Ideas for Leaders #WW013

Bob Chapman - Proving the Benefits of People-Centred Leadership

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Key Concept

Bob Chapman is the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Inc and author, with Raj Sisodia, of the best-selling book 'Everybody Matters' that describes the story of how he inherited a failing organisation and after several years unsuccessfully applying traditional cost-cutting methodologies to turn it around, he pivoted after a couple of epiphany moments, to a leadership approach and set of values that focuses on the employees rather than the products. The results have been both transformatory for the business and life-changing for many employees.

On 24th February 2020, Bob started a tour of five European cities with this presentation at the RBS Conference Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, hosted by the Scottish Leadership Institute. His presentation and the subsequent Q&A have been hugely impactful for the attending audience of both business people, leading public sector administrators, politicians and students, igniting conversations and catalysing new thinking around approaches leaders should be taking with their teams - especially in an era when the old shareholder prioritisation is being challenged and wider stakeholder returns are being sought.

Post date

February 2020
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