Increase performance by tuning leaders to their teams

Our series of expert led 8-module online programs deliver business school level content at a fraction of an on-campus cost, and fully asynchronous so you can watch and rewatch at your own time and pace...

Our Master Mentor Programs

Master Mentor programs draw on the remarkable people we work with at IdeasforLeaders, who we think bring unique and uniquely valuable insights and thinking to leadership practice - that will transform your leadership capabilities and those of your organisation.

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Brain and Behaviour in Organisations

An eight part program on a new approach to managing people

Our initial program is from applied neuroscientist, Prof Paul Brown, on Brain and Behaviour on Organisations, and explores how our increasingly sophisticated understanding of the brain and the role of emotions affects how we relate to others and impacts our, and our organisation’s, performance. It introduces the concepts of the bottom-up brain, the London Protocol of Emotions, the significance of the Yerkes-Dodson Law and the five qualities of the Limbic Leader - in a structured and accessible way.

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This is a hugely valuable and informative program that brings alive ground-breaking key concepts that all leaders, at any stage in their career, now need to understand and adopt.

Brain and Behaviour in Organisations

An eight part program on a new approach to managing people

Course Leader: Prof Paul Brown, Faculty Professor of Organisational Neuroscience at Monarch Business School Switzerland

An Introduction to Territory Mapping

This program will launch later in 2021. If you are interested in finding out more, please complete the form below.

An Introduction to Territory Mapping

An eight-part program on gaining Purpose, Clarity and Adaptability from Ancient Wisdom
This program will be launched later in 2021.

Course Leader: Anthony Willoughby, traveller, ethnographer and consultant, and Doutzen Groothof, coach and leadership consultant.

Host Leadership

This program will launch later in 2021. If you are interested in finding out more, please complete the form below.

Host Leadership

An eight-part program introducing the 6 roles of principles of Host : 6 New Roles of Engagement.
This program will be launched later in 2021.

Course Leader: Mark McKergow, the creator and co-author of Host Leadership


Build in-work learning with our range of micro-courses

Ideas for Leaders is delighted to be partnering with the leading online platform for management and executive programs for organisations, OpenSesame, to develop a series of 25 short courses...

Our OpenSesame Courses

Together Ideas for Leaders and OpenSesame have developed a series of 25 short courses, bringing the Ideas for Leaders content to life through these animated 15-20 minute structured learning videos. Like all Ideas for Leaders content they are rooted in empirical business school research and presented in a lively and enjoyable way, with clear actionable applications.see the full set of titles we have with OpenSesame here


Quick guides for recurring management challenges

Our hugely popular pack of micro-learning solutions of 50+ common management issues from ‘Effective Decision-Making’ to ‘Negotiating’ to ‘Managing Conflict’ and many others...

Leadership challenges, tackled in minutes

Leader Prompts let you know, quickly and clearly, how to handle the most frequently encountered management challenges. Their tone is practical, straightforward and no-nonsense. Leader Prompts have been developed from our in-depth knowledge of leadership and organizational behaviour gained from the close and unique relationship we have with the world’s top 50 business schools.

Available in English, French, Spanish, Finnish and Turkish
Tell us your challenges
  • Managing Poor Performance
  • Appraising Performance
  • Executing at Pace
  • Bringing Corporate Strategy to Life Locally
  • Effective Decision-making
  • Prioritisation/Planning Your Time
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Working SMARTER
  • Brain Storming
  • Analytical Models (Scatter etc)
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Sales Techniques
  • Using Big Data
  • Organizational Network Analysis
  • Delivering Feedback
  • Effective Listening/Building Empathy
  • Presenting Persuasively (Rhetoric)
  • Negotiating
  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Body language (Intro)
  • Into to Media Relations & PR Basics
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Building a Personal Brand
  • Managing Stress
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Writing Reports
  • Intro to Neuroscience
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Leading a Remote/Disparate Team
  • Managing a New Team
  • Building a Diverse Team
  • Developing Female Leaders (Gender Diversity)
  • Developing Talented People
  • Playing to People’s Strengths
  • Executive Coaching
  • Life-long Learning
  • Ethics
  • Establishing a Culture of Trust
  • Effective Delegation
  • Managing Conflict
  • Negotiating a Standoff
  • Managing Rewards and Recognition
  • Employee Engagement
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Running a Successful Meeting
  • Conducting Successful Interviews
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