Leader Prompts Library

Leader Prompts let you know, quickly and clearly, how to handle the most frequently encountered management challenges. Their tone is practical, straightforward and no-nonsense. Leader Prompts have been developed from our in-depth knowledge of leadership and organizational behaviour gained from the close and unique relationship we have with the world’s top 50 business schools.

The Leader Prompts are arranged in four categories:


1. Managing poor performance
2. Appraising performance
3. Executing at pace
4. Bringing corporate strategy to life locally
5. Effective decision-making
6. Prioritisation/Planning your time
7. Corporate Social Responsibility
8. Working SMARTER
9. Brain storming
10. Analytical models (scatter etc)
11. Transactional analysis
12. Virtual presentations
13. Sales techniques
14. Using Big Data

15. Organizational Network Analysis  
16. Delivering feedback  
17. Effective listening/building empathy  
18. Presenting Persuasively (Rhetoric)    
19. Negotiating  
20. The power of story telling  
21. Body language (intro)
22. Into to Media Relations & PR basics
23. Corporate reputation
24. Building a personal brand
25. Managing stress
26. Networking
27. Social Media
28. Writing reports
29. Intro to neuroscience

30. Building high performance teams
31. Leading a remote/disparate team
32. Managing a new team
33. Building a diverse team
34. Developing female leaders (gender diversity)
35. Developing talented people
36. Playing to people’s strengths
37. Executive coaching
38. Life-long learning
39. Work-Life balance

40. Ethics
41. Establishing a culture of trust
42. Effective delegation
43. Managing conflict
44. Negotiating a Standoff
45. Managing rewards and recognition
46. Employee engagement
47. Personal responsibility
48. Running a successful meeting
49. Conducting successful interviews
50. Avoiding an Impasse

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