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Ideas for Leaders offers subscribers a regular series of recorded conversations with influential thought-leaders on the topics of leadership and organizational behaviour. All subscribers can access our full podcast library and will receive an invitation to access our latest podcasts. We make a sample Podcast available below for everyone to have the opportunity to listen to....

Featured Podcast:


  • Managing Talent and GE's Crotonville

A conversation with Prof Noel Tichy, head of GE’s Leadership Center, the fabled Crotonville, in the 1980s, where he led the transformation to action learning at GE.




  • Intent-based Leadership

A conversation with David Marquet, former captain of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, and creator of the ground-breaking intent-based leadership approach :




Ideas for Leaders subscribers can listen to the full library of our Podcasts and download their transcripts. The library includes conversations with:


  • Charles Irvine discussing the positive benefits of conflict if well-managed. Charles started his career as a peace mediator and negotiator in South Africa.

  • Richard Nesbitt, former CEO of the Toronto Stock Exchange and COO of the large Canadian bank CIBC discusses the organizational benefits of gender-balanced leadership
  • Orit Wolf, international concert pianist and innovation consultant on Nurturing Talent
  • Joseph Pistrui, professor of entrepreneurial management at IE Business School reflects on the power of Next-sensing
  • Steven D'Souza, the thought-leading consultant and author on Not Knowing and Decent Doubt
  • Sydney Finkelstein, the acclaimed Thinkers50 professor of management at the Ivy League, Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Management talks about the traits of Superbosses

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