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The Reception of the Ambassador at the Court of Pekin, James Gilray, 1792 (Courtesy: National Portrait Gallery, London)

Investing Abroad? Use Your Country’s Diplomats

Idea posted: July 2018
  • Strategy
  • Operations

When looking to invest abroad, companies can leverage the diplomatic relationships between their country’s government and governments of potential host countries to connect with potential foreign partners. An international study based on foreign investment decisions by more than 500 Chinese companies examines the factors involved in leveraging such relationships.

Idea #714
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Jump Before You’re Pushed: The Companies That Change Without Pressure

Idea posted: January 2013
  • Strategy
  • Leadership & Change

Do companies need a financial trauma to provoke them into change, or can they adopt new ways of doing things when not under pressure? The history of successful organizations shows us that decline, while perhaps not inevitable, is at least likely. And yet few companies opt willingly to change strategy without being forced to. There are some companies, however, that do - and we can learn a lot from them as this Idea shows.

Idea #051
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