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The Power of Clarity

Book Published: July 2021
  • Leadership & Change
  • Operations
Authors: Ann Latham

When business was just trade, and trade was all about product it was pretty simple to work out what the product was, who had it and what more needed to be done to it to get it to the customer. In a world that has not just become service-driven, but also hugely virtual, it is far less straight-forward to identify and understand these things. What is more, is that most jobs, even in organisations that produce product, are now knowledge and service ones. The complexity of modern organisations further complicates the picture. If you recognise the issue of 'where is this project right now?' '...

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Too Proud to Lead

Book Published: June 2021
  • Leadership & Change
  • Humble Leadership
  • performance
Authors: Ben Laker, David Cobb, Rita Trehan

The world of organisations is littered with failed endeavour, CEOs ending their careers with their prized legacy in tatters and executive trajectories that have never quite lit up the sky in the way they had hoped. The progress of careers is often derailed just when they should be achieving their glittering pinnacle. The old adage that 'what got you here, wont get you there' is often the source of this derailment, more particularly it is the misbelief that previous success was all down to their own genius, rather than a complex mix of talent, circumstance and luck, as well as over-looking...

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Book Published: July 2010
  • Leadership & Change
Authors: Keith Grint

As the author notes at the outset the number of books written about the concept of leadership increases at a staggering rate, and yet we seem to never get closer to a generally agreed definition of what leadership is. This book serves a vital purpose in scanning the broad horizon of these different perspectives, and drawing the multitude of threads together to present a woven cloth of the field of leadership. 

Leadership is a peculiar beast as a topic, most people implicitly acknowledge that leaders are necessary, and that good leadership makes a critical difference to outcomes,...

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