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Dennis Carey on Talent Before Strategy

Dennis Carey is Vice-Chair of the global people consultancy, Korn Ferry and co-author with Dominic Barton, the boss of McKinsey &Co, and management guru Ram Charan, of the book Talent Wins which reimagines how the top team of large organizations should be configured - with a triumvirate of CEO, CFO and CHRO as the leading players.

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Adaptive Space

Book Published: June 2018
  • social networks
  • performance
  • Learning & Behaviour
  • Creativity & Innovation
Authors: Michael J. Arena

Reed Hastings, the much admired founder of Netflix, noted that “companies rarely die from moving too fast; and they frequently die from moving too slowly”, to which Arena adds, ‘in today’s rapidly changing environments, lack of agility is the kiss of death’. We see this in all sectors: fixed telecoms being challenged by free calling apps; fintech challenging the banking behemoths; auto-giants being threatened by Uber, Tesla and even Dyson; retail veterans succumbing to Amazon, the list goes on and on. Arena asserts that ‘in today’s dynamic environment, organizations need to be more liquid...

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Chief Wellbeing Officer

Book Published: May 2018
  • board roles ans responsibilities
  • Leadership & Change
  • happiness and wellbeing
  • CSR & Governance
Authors: Stephen P. MacGregor, Rory Simpson

In parallel with the emergence of the Chief Digital Officer to inform and co-ordinate organizations’ digital transformation, has been the realisation that the continuous change that digital transformation requires is exhausting and calls for a different mindset and culture of behaviours to manage sustainably. This new ‘sustainable’ approach is increasingly seen as not being a transactional model but a more human/relational one, and with that perspective on achieving employee health and happiness as the foundations of all successful organizations, the search for wellbeing begins…. and so...

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Transforming Nokia

Book Published: November 2018
  • Leadership & Change
  • Boards Roles Responsibilities
Authors: Risto Siilasmaa

Nokia is well-known as the company that spectacularly lost its dominant position as a mobile phone manufacturer by failing to recognize the change that Apple’s iPhone brought to the market. Along with Kodak and Blockbuster it is frequently cited as one of the great corporate failures of the digital age. But unlike Kodak and Blockbuster, Nokia has resurrected and reinvented itself - as one of the top players in the global digital communications infrastructure market. The company is a very different one to what it was….but then it started out making wood pulp in 1865, before going into...

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You Are Not Human

Book Published: September 2018
  • Leadership & Change
  • Learning & Behaviour
Authors: Simon Lancaster

Words make the world go around. Almost nothing we would like to happen happens without some degree of communication. But how much do we know about the hidden power of good rhetoric? Metaphor has become a much explored theme in leadership recently, and Lancaster’s background as a speechwriter brings intimate knowledge of how to leverage metaphor in practice; his academic research brings deep knowledge of its use and influence through the ages from Ancient Greece to the modern day. As he makes clear, simile is when we liken one thing to another, which is far less powerful than metaphor,...

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