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Martin Parker on Shutting Down the Business Schools

Podcast Recorded: May 2018
  • Learning & Behaviour
  • Strategy
  • CSR & Governance
Podcast Guest: Martin Parker

Martin Parker is a management professor who started out studying anthropology and sociology. This has given him a distinct viewpoint on management education that leads him to think that what is taught at business schools is a very narrow take on how organizations can be run, and that business schools ought to leverage their role as research institutions and educators to broaden the exploration of business processes, not just focus in more tightly on one aspect of it: market managerial capitalism. He talks here with Roddy Millar on how things could be changed.

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Anne Bahr Thompson on Doing Good and Brand Citizenship

Podcast Recorded: May 2018
  • CSR & Governance
  • Leadership & Change
  • Marketing
Podcast Guest: Anne Bahr Thompson

Leading brand consultant, Anne Bahr Thompson, has been conducting research over recent years through her CultureQ initiative into, initially how Millennials and then other generations, think about brands. One of the strongest new elements is the power of corporate citizenship and how 'doing good' also helps businesses 'do well'. Her 'Brand Citizenship' model takes customer focus from Me-to-We.

See also the review of her book 'Do Good' .

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Dennis Carey on Talent Before Strategy

Dennis Carey is Vice-Chair of the global people consultancy, Korn Ferry and co-author with Dominic Barton, the boss of McKinsey &Co, and management guru Ram Charan, of the book Talent Wins which reimagines how the top team of large organizations should be configured - with a triumvirate of CEO, CFO and CHRO as the leading players.

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David Marquet on Intent-based Leadership

Former captain of the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, David Marquet, talks about how he developed the Intent-based Leadership approach while on the ship to enable devolved decision-making in complex situations - and how it can be applied to all complex environments

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Danielle Lyssimachou on the Secret of Profit

Profit is probably the number one performance measure for most businesses. Businesses strive to achieve key profit targets on a regular basis to meet stakeholder expectations.

Many non-finance professionals believe that profit is a single point mathematical figure to which one arrives after lengthy recordings and computations. Others believe that profit is an unreliable figure, since accountants can find creative ways of manipulating it. The truth, however, lies somewhere in the middle.

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David Nour on Strategy Visualization

Successful implementation is the litmus test for any business strategy—and the key to that is making sure people across your organization are fully engaged, focused, and committed.

Visualization is a vital tool for business leaders needing to communicate strategy to their people in a way that facilitates effective strategy execution.

It’s a new way of communicating strategy—turning data points into a compelling story that grabs people’s attention and helps them understand how their individual roles fit the larger plan.

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Joel Peterson on The 10 Laws of Trust

Joel Peterson is the long-standing Chairman of the major US domestic airline, JetBlue Airways, and a leadership and entrepreneurship professor at Stanford GSB. He has also founded and chairs the private equity business Peterson Partners. This breadth of experience and depth of knowledge has led him to be a leading advocate for organizations to focus on becoming high-trust institutions - the subject of his newly expanded book "The 10 Laws of Trust", that he discusses here with Roddy Millar.

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Oxford Saïd Faculty on Business Responsibility to People and Planet

Governance and responsible leadership are burning issues in boardrooms of businesses and financial institutions across the world right now as we ask ourselves—are we stewarding our businesses for the sustainable success of our stakeholders, for the long-term endurance and benefit of our customers, for the communities within which we operate, and our planet?

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Bob Chapman - Proving the Benefits of People-Centred Leadership

Bob Chapman is the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Inc and author, with Raj Sisodia, of the best-selling book 'Everybody Matters' that describes the story of how he inherited a failing organisation and after several years unsuccessfully applying traditional cost-cutting methodologies to turn it around, he pivoted after a couple of epiphany moments, to a leadership approach and set of values that focuses on the employees rather than the products. The results have been both transformatory for the business and life-changing for many employees.

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Nick Shackleton-Jones on How to Learn

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the Director of Learning and Performance Innovation at PA Consulting Group where he helps organizations improve employee performance and engagement through their approach to learning. In this podcast he discusses his new book 'How People Learn' with Roddy Millar, exploring some of the mistaken assumptions and processes we make in trying to educate people, and how the concept of affective context underlies all learning retention.

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Kirsty Bashforth on Culture Shift

Kirsty Bashforth is a non-executive director for two leading international corporations - the public services provider Serco, and the construction and property group Kier - as well as leading her culture advisory consultancy QuayFive Ltd. She spent most of her career at the international oil group BP, becoming the Group Head of Organizational Effectiveness in 2011.

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Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic on Leadership and Incompetent Men

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic is Chief Science Officer at the global staffing firm Manpower. He is also an organizational psychologist and works with King's College, London; Columbia University in New York and the Entrepreneur's Lab at Harvard.

He recently published his book Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders, focusing on the fact that many attributes that people are selected on for new jobs are not the ones that make them good leaders. 

Here he discusses these ideas with Roddy Millar.

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John Davis on the New Formula for Long-term Survival and Success of Family Enterprises

Family enterprise survival is getting harder, not easier. Previous generations of families in business experienced numerous challenges and periodic disruptive events, but also benefited from greater stability in business models, greater organizational loyalty from customers, and other advantages of earlier eras. On balance, it was easier to survive as a family business in earlier times.

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Michael McDermott on Emotional Intelligence: The Leaders' Edge

In this webinar we explore what emotional intelligence is and examine ways that you can improve your EQ. EQ is seen as central to people’s success in work and life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. It also involves your perception of others: when you understand how they feel, this allows you to manage relationships more effectively. We all have three main elements in our psychological make up: personality, IQ (general intelligence), and emotional intelligence.

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Prof John Davis on Millennial Mindsets in the Family Enterprise

Family enterprises face big challenges in order to survive and thrive in our era of rapid technological and market disruption. Having to adopt to new business models, and accept changing customer loyalties, they must also address changing attitudes and aspirations within the family itself, as the Millennial generation takes the reins of the family business.

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Fred Funck on Performance Psychology

Frédéric Funck is CCL’s EMEA Director for Coaching, Open Enrolment and Marketing, having performed both in the private and in the public sector (primarily EU Commission and military organizations) over the last 15 years. Frédéric holds a Coaching Certificate from the Neuro-Institute and specialized in leadership coaching, mental coaching, coaching for performance and public speaking.

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Mark Cannon on Leadership Coaching

Professor Cannon is a seasoned executive coach and an expert in teaching skills for executive coaching, delivering feedback and handling difficult conversations. He earned a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School, has published books and articles on these topics and taught in George Washington University’s Coaching Certification Program. He has coached or consulted with Nissan, Marriott Corporation, Mars, Vanderbilt University Medical School, Women’s World Banking, Monitor Company, and the U.S. Department of State.

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Global Table Conversation #1: Emmanuel Mankura and Rolf Pfeiffer

Subscriber Only Content - Members of the Ideas for Leaders online community joined Maasai Elder, Emmanuel Mankura, and Rolf Pfeiffer, an executive coach and consultant, for a 90-minute conversation on Leading in a Hostile Environment. Emmanuel Mankura talks with deep insight and knowledge about the values of the Maasai community that is instilled from an early age and fosters a deep sense of belonging and loyalty to the tribe.

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Global Table Conversation #2: Krishna Thapa and Alice Bromage

Subscriber only Content - 'Conversations from around the Global Table' are participative online events, where we bring  guests who have different perspectives on the world, through their cultural background or work and life experiences, to share some stories and thinking with us. Audience members are able to directly ask questions of the guest and share reflections on the discussion with everyone listening. All subscribers to Ideas for Leaders are invited to join the sessions.

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Global Table Conversation #3: An Introduction to Territory Mapping with Anthony Willoughby and Andy Stoker

Subscriber Only Content - Anthony Willoughby is a veteran of roads less travelled, and in this conversation recounts some of his experiences from his various expeditions, which included crossing the notorious Taklamakan desert in China by camel, climbing 7,546m Mt. Mustagh Ata in the Parmirs without oxygen or porters and walking across Papua New Guinea with 24 bottles of wine, no food and a persistent complainer which inspired his philosophy of I Will Not Complain

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Trust & Clarity Conversation with Emmanuel Mankura and Krishna Thapa

Emmanuel Mankura is a Maasai Elder and Krishna Thapa a Nepali Gurkha, as well as UK special forces senior mountain leader and Everest summiteer.

In this two hour conversation with a group from the Ideas for Leaders community they discuss the importance of Trust and Clarity in a leadership role, and how these issues have shaped they way they behave as leaders - as well as how their communities and experiences have developed these capacities.

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Coaching and the Trust Wheel Conversation with Emmanuel Mankura and Krishna Thapa

In this focused conversation with two remarkable and hugely insightful people, we continue our exploration of what traditional societies know and understand implicitly as well as explicitly about good leadership. practice. Emmanuel Mankura is a Maasai Elder who has travelled the world sharing his knowledge and wisdom gleaned from his community, heritage and enormous acuity. Krishna Thapa is an Everest summiteer, SAS soldier and Nepali Gurkha, who has led teams to the top of the world, and into the some of the world's most dangerous zones. 

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Global Table Conversation #4: Charles Irvine on Our Big Opportunity

The Covid-19 crisis has brought massive disruption to over half the globe's population, and considerably more of the global economy. It has devastated lives through the ill-health and lost lives it has incurred, and it has isolated and incarcerated millions of families and individuals. But it has also been a time to stop, reflect and re-evaluate what is important in our lives. These realisations have led to conversations around the world and a growing determination that after the crisis passes, we must not allow the world to return to its pre-crisis state.

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Prof Ranga Ramanujam on Leading in Volatile and Uncertain TImes

At times of uncertainty and volatility people look for tangible, believable, leadership—and today we are living in unprecedented times that will truly test organizational leadership to the full.

The current Covid-19 crisis and the inevitable economic turbulence that will follow are bound to set extraordinary challenges for business leaders―both in managing the unpredictable day-to-day and in setting strategy for the future.

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Global Table Conversation #5: Pam Warren and Falling in Love with Change

By her own admission before 5th October, 1999, Pam Warren was firmly inside her comfort-zone. A financial adviser working in the City of London, the certainty of numbers and spreadsheets were reassuring and reliably familiar. Today she is an advocate for disruption – life is too short not to grab opportunities and try to make things better.

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Sarah Thurstan on Personal Presence

Sarah Thurstan is a film and theatre actor by training but has focused on developing people's personal and executive presence for the last 20 years, working with students at leading business schools and executives at large organisations across the globe. She has just published her book, Personal Presence, and discusses some of the core ideas in that here.

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Global Table Conversation #6: Orit Wolf and Suspending Judgement to Innovate

Dr Orit Wolf possesses a unique set of skills. She is an acclaimed international concert pianist, executive mentor, senior lecturer and expert business consultant in the area of innovative thinking and creative marketing. By the age of 23 she had already acquired three summa cum laude degrees from Tel Aviv University, Boston University, and the Royal Academy of Music, winning numerous international awards. She was then offered teaching positions at Leeds University, Tel Aviv University, Lahav Business School and the Shenkar Institute.

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Negotiation Fundamentals for Business Leaders: Prof Gillian Ku - London Business School

The key to driving value in any interdependent relationship is the art and science of negotiation. Indeed, negotiations are ubiquitous and individuals and leaders negotiate all the time—be it with employees, external stakeholders, vendors, venture capitalists. Many of us, however, know little about the strategy and psychology of effective negotiations.

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Leading an AI Enhanced Organisation: Prof Jose-Luis Guerrero of Georgetown University

The COVID-19 crisis and the inevitable economic turbulence to follow will set extraordinary challenges for business leaders―both in managing the unpredictable day-to-day and in rethinking strategies for future growth and sustainability.

With this will come an unparalleled opportunity to develop strategies that take full advantage of the new tools presented by AI—data analytics, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, etc. 

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Emotional Intelligence for the New Normal - Shayna Humphrey - Vanderbilt University

In the context of a global crisis we have looked to leaders who can couple their requisite industry knowledge with attributes of exceptional self-control and poise.

In a recent IEDP webinar, we welcomed emotional intelligence expert and Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University, Shayna Humphrey to unpack these intrapersonal attributes—that are born of high emotional intelligence, and which enable leaders to steady their teams, motivate high performance, and deliver meaningful results, even under trying conditions.

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