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The Fall of Icarus, Jacob Peter Gowy, c.1636 (Courtesy Museo del Prado, Madrid)

Setting High Performance Expectations Can Lead to Failure

Idea posted: December 2020
  • Leadership & Change

While high external performance expectations often improve performance, they can also have the opposite effect. Research shows that high-performance expectations can increase the embarrassment of those who experience early setbacks, reducing their motivation to persist and leading, ultimately, to failure.

Idea #782
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Source: Pixabay

Behavioural Economics Explains Employee Retirement Savings Choices

Idea posted: October 2017
  • Finance

A groundbreaking 2004 journal article showed how behavioural economics could explain self-defeating retirement savings decisions made by employees. It was an early example of the power of behavioural economics over standard economic theory by the ‘father of behavioural economics’.

Idea #680
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