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The big queue at an ATM in Masalli, Azerbaijan, 2008 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Customer Loyalty: Easy Does It

Idea posted: March 2014
  • Marketing
Institutions: Henley Business School

A number of companies have begun to measure ‘customer effort’ (CE) – how easy (or difficult) it is for their customers to interact with them. The experience of these firms is that CE is worthwhile, offering a good indicator of customer loyalty. Whilst it should not replace other key measures, such as customer satisfaction and ‘net promoter score’ (NPS), it should be considered alongside them.

Idea #345
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Marriage à la Mode, William Hogarth, 1743-1745, National Gallery London (Source: Wikimedia)

Socially Aware, Media Savvy: Social Media Strategy

Idea posted: March 2013
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
Institutions: Henley Business School

Social media offers both great opportunities, and also challenges, to businesses. For those that embrace social media – by adopting the right strategy – risks can be averted and rewards unlocked. Using a simple framework to create an effective strategy for social media can enable your company to enjoy its benefits.

Idea #111
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