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Less Competitive Pressure Leads to Less Innovation

Idea posted: December 2018
  • Strategy
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership & Change

Taking advantage of the suddenly reduced threat of hostile takeovers of Delaware-incorporated companies, two researchers demonstrate the significant reduction of innovation efforts when competitive pressure is eased. In short, less competition leads to less innovation.

Idea #723
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SpaceJunk, Miguel Soares, 2001, 3D animation (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How Companies Are Trading Innovation Quality for Quantity

Idea posted: May 2015
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

When it comes to innovation, are companies mistaking quantity for quality? New research shows that companies who file for a greater number of patents are also filing for patents that are less valuable. This leads to overestimating one’s research productivity — and undermining future innovation.

Idea #512
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Strategic investors. Dr. Stephan Goetz, Warren Buffett (on video link) and Baronin Ariane de Rothschild at the Munich Film Festival,2012 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Investors’ Strategies for Wealth Creation

Idea posted: April 2014
  • Finance

Strategy, whether for business, military or political ends, involves the optimal use and deployment of resources in order to achieve an objective. In this Idea, using strategy for wealth creation is explored, in the context of individual investors.

Idea #361
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