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Image by Mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

The Relationship of Brand Equity to Behavioural Loyalty

Idea posted: May 2018
  • Marketing

While higher brand equity products will attract greater loyalty from their customers, new research reveals different ways to strengthen the relationship between equity and loyalty. Such efforts to strengthen the link are worthwhile since the relationship does not always hold true. One customer segment, the study shows, perceives a brand’s equity as high but is not loyal — and surprisingly another segment perceives a brand’s equity as low but still remains loyal.

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The board of directors of the Leipzig-Dresden Railway Company in 1852 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Non-Executive Board Members More Risk Averse than Executives

Idea posted: June 2015
  • CSR & Governance
  • Finance
  • Leadership & Change

When it comes to investment, CEOs are perceived to be the most risk tolerant, followed by CFOs and non-executives. However, recent research, measuring risk perception and return demands, shows that CEOs and CFOs are more aligned than previously thought, while non-executives are consistently risk-averse. CEOs will perceive more risk in an investment than CFOs, but don’t act on this perception: they don’t demand a higher minimum return on the investment, contrary to the minimum requirements demanded by non-executives. 

Idea #524
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