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How to Resolve Workplace Conflicts by Addressing Conflict Expression

Idea posted: February 2015
  • Leadership & Change

Faced with workplace conflicts, attending to how the different parties express themselves — presenting their positions clearly, calmly and honestly or using aggressive language and loud voices, is just one example — can be the key in reaching a resolution.

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Players from Clermont Auvergne 2010 Rugby union team in a huddle (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Can Emotional Intelligence Shape a Team's Collective Performance?

Idea posted: June 2014
  • Leadership & Change
  • Learning & Behaviour

Emotional intelligence on the part of team members as well as team leaders may have a significant impact on the team’s performance. The mediating factor seems to be trust — something emotional intelligence can enhance, which subsequently leads to better overall collective performance. Read on to find out more.

Idea #398
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