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Photo by Dogancan Ozturan (Source: Unsplash)

How CRM Reaches Customers' Social Networks

Idea posted: June 2017
  • Marketing

Marketers may be underestimating the impact of their marketing campaigns, which, a new study shows, impacts not only the target customers, but also the social connections of those customers.


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Genius Bar at the Apple Store, Prince Street, SoHo, Manhattan, New York City, 2003 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Servitization: Implications for Sales and Marketing

Idea posted: January 2014
  • Marketing

In a business world where competition is higher than ever before, it has become increasingly difficult for firms to differentiate solely on products. That is why many firms have begun focusing on services too. This Idea looks at this trend, referred to here as ‘servitization’ and considers how you can ensure the shift to such sales is a successful one for your organization.

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YWCA Mobile Club shop visiting an anti-aircraft site somewhere in Britain, 1943 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Managing Customer Relations When Demand Exceeds Supply

Idea posted: October 2013
  • Marketing

When demand outpaces inventory suppliers cannot fulfil everyone’s orders. Two academic researchers have developed a quantitative model that suppliers can use to make the right decisions on which orders to fill, and which to delay, while keeping the greatest number of customers happy in the short- and long-term.

Idea #249
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