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The Sleeping Shepherd, lithograph by Jean-Baptiste Aubry-Lecomte (1787-1858) after a painting by Raymond Monvoisin (The French National Library, Paris)

The Importance of Sleep for Work

Idea posted: November 2013
  • Learning & Behaviour

According to this Idea, the science is clear: lack of sleep compromises brain processes and the skills needed for effective leadership. Executives — and indeed everyone — should get at least 7–9 hours sleep in order to perform at their best. Read on for some suggestions on how to create a culture that understands and values sleep in your organization.

Idea #257
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Untersuchungen am Mikroskop im Labor, 1952, Deutsche Fotothek (Source: Wikimedia)

Building Trust to Retain Female Employees

Idea posted: February 2013
  • Strategy
  • Leadership & Change
  • Learning & Behaviour

There is a key issue that organizations must tackle in order to retain female employees: trust. Evidence shows that women are more sensitive to and more aware of - both trust and distrust. In order to retain female talent, leaders must build trust between themselves and their employees, and there are specific behaviours and strategies that can help them do that.

Idea #012
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