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CAVE installation, Internet and Virtual Reality, Maurice Benayoun (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How Leaders Emerge in Online Communities

Idea posted: January 2015
  • Strategy
  • Leadership & Change
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Without a formal hierarchy, members of online communities are often able to work together effectively and efficiently collaborating to create vast founts of knowledge such as Wikipedia. This research looks at how leaders emerge in online communities, and what companies can learn from this. 

Idea #470
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National Data Centre Capacity Building training course, 2012 at the CTBTO, Vienna, Austria (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Training Knowledge Workers Pays Off for SMEs

Idea posted: December 2014
  • Strategy
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Learning & Behaviour

While previous studies have researched the return of investment in training for corporations, much of this research focused on manufacturing employees. New research based in India focuses specifically on knowledge companies in the SME sector, and shows that the return on training is not only significant, but also increases with the size of the firm.

Idea #464
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U.S. Social Security Administration early accounting operations in Baltimore circa 1936 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Computer Says ‘Yes’ – The Impact of IT Investment

Idea posted: September 2013
  • Strategy
  • Finance

The impact of information technology on an organization’s profitability can be significant but it needs to be strategically managed, from the top down. View your IT management as a corporate rather than a departmental issue.

The key message for today’s leaders is, choose the right kind of IT projects, spend your money wisely, and focus on growth over cost savings. 

Idea #219
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