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Advertising Bolsters Firm Value after Shareholder Complaints

Idea posted: February 2020
  • CSR & Governance

Shareholder complaints reduce firm value. A study shows how firms successfully combat this effect by increasing their advertising. However, turning to advertising should not be the first step in response to what might be legitimate shareholder concerns. 

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The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel, fresco detail, 1509, by Michelangelo

Digit Ratio Predicts Men's Product Choices

Idea posted: April 2014
  • CSR & Governance
  • Learning & Behaviour
  • Marketing

Marketers have long known that product choice cannot be predicted reliably by knowing someone’s sex. Multiple factors — ranging from age and income to lifestyle and family preferences — influence purchasing decisions. Now, there’s another variable to add to the list. Recent empirical research suggests that digit ratio — the relative lengths of the fore and third fingers — is linked to the product choices of men.

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